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Kick The Buddy Best Tips and trick 덧글 0 | 조회 4 | 2023-02-13 11:38:02
In Kick the Buddy, the game's currency is given to you for free, and you can get more of it by logging in every day. So make it a priority to log in to the game every day, because there are a lot of rewards you can get there. Most of the time, Kick the Buddy is able to give their players bucks, so it's never a bad idea to log in.
You can play the game in  kick the buddy
If a player can log into the Kick the Buddy game every day for 15 days in a row, they will be able to earn at least 5,000 dollars. Bucks won't be the only thing you can get, though. You can also get a lot of different weapons and Gold. Some of the weapons you can get are the Snail and the Torch, which is why players should log in to this game every day. And that will be the first trip on the best tips list from Kick the Buddy.
Don't stop hitting and getting hit.
Since this Kick the Buddy game is all about kicking, punching, and shooting, you have to do those things over and over again until this Buddy is knocked off the screen. The only way to make more money is to hurt this Buddy, because as it gets hurt more, you will get more money in return. So don't try to keep tapping on your Buddy until he dies and then keep punching him to make more money from the game.
You can buy more weapons with the money you get from punching the Buddy over and over again. And your Buddy can hurt you again with these weapons. But remember that each weapon in this game has a different price, so you need as many bucks as you can get to buy a good one. There are some weapons that you can only buy with real money, and you need Gold to buy them.

kick the buddy online lets you try out a wide range of weapons.

This is the third tip from the best tips and tricks guide for Kick the Buddy. If you see that your Buddy has already been knocked out, you should know that the game wants you to wait. Because this Buddy has been knocked out, he needs to be brought back to life before you hurt him again.
You can change your weapon if you see that the ones you're using aren't doing much to hurt him and aren't giving you as much as you want. Again, try to get back to the original as quickly as possible.

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