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Choice is a very interesting thing. 덧글 4 | 조회 970 | 2022-12-06 16:31:36

Choice is a very interesting thing.
Angelia pursues a plain life, so she has the courage to abandon the high-end life pursued by thousands of girls.
We cannot subjectively judge whether the choices made by the two heroines are correct or not. What we can see is that they have bravely chosen the life they want.
but on whether what she pursues is what she likes, and what she gives up is what prevents her from realizing her dream.
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tony  2023-09-04 17:36:51 
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It's clear from your statement that Angelia and the other heroine have made choices that reflect their own desires and values, even if those choices differ from societal expectations or norms. mybkexperience
tony  2023-09-05 20:13:56 
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Angelia's choice to pursue a plain life, in contrast to the high-end lifestyle sought after by many others, is a personal decision that reflects her values and priorities. Similarly, the other heroine's pursuit of a high-end life is also a matter of personal choice. MyAARPMedicare

tony  2023-09-28 12:48:34 
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Thanks for sharing this, this is amazing. i like it.
dawafawd  2024-03-06 12:26:20 
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