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Read a word search puzzle from top to bottom and from left to right. 덧글 1 | 조회 9 | 2022-11-30 20:07:34

You might try to hurry through looking for the words in a word search problem when you're trying to finish it quickly. As a result, you could fail to see some words that are plainly visible to you.


You should approach word search puzzles extremely methodically rather than hurriedly. Starting at the top left corner of the word search problem, you should go across it before moving downward.


When you follow this strategy, you'll achieve greater results than if you merely randomly search for words. By taking your time and letting the words come to you, you can find the majority of the words in a word search puzzle.

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Walker69  2022-12-06 18:11:43 
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Use a finger or the (capped) end of your pen or pencil to help guide your search. Do a circle search around letters to see whether they lead on to the next letter in the word you're looking for. Use a highlighter pen or light-colored pencil if you want to mark on top of the words you find.

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