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Strategies for crossword puzzles 덧글 2 | 조회 136 | 2022-07-29 15:39:32

The general strategy for finding all words is to look at the letters from left to right (or vice versa) and look at the first letter of the word (if you are given the list of suggestions below). After finding the letter, find 8 letters around it to see where the next letter is. And so on until all the words are found.

Another strategy is that you find the letter that stands out in the range of a word search

 Because most searched words are usually capitalized, they will stand out more than others. Especially letters like Q, O, U, X and Z. Finally, as a strategy to find duplicate letters, you can also easily recognize 2 similar letters and stand next to each other in the "network" letters” are randomly distributed.

However, if you are not provided with a list of available words, you are forced to search each row in turn. First, search horizontally, should read the text in both forward and backward directions. Then vertically you do the same.

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Thanks for sharing that.
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