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Taming io is very attractive 덧글 5 | 조회 594 | 2021-10-06 20:01:27

Create an army of powerful pets to defend your territory. Collect items and resources to develop your kingdom against the invasion of other opponents.

Coming to taming io, it's just you and your pet. Try to level up and unlock new weapons.Tame pets and make them evolve in battle. Each animal has a different special ability, choose your own pet and tame them. Be careful in the first steps, you will have to build a powerful army. Stay away from strong opponents, find the right opponent, you will become stronger over time.

Don't waste time, start building your fortress and fortify it with fortified walls and turrets. One of the most important buildings to unlock your base is the windmill, which will automatically generate gold for you.

Let's go to the top of glory with taming io today!


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