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How I get a lost number to unlock Yahoo account? 덧글 5 | 조회 1,168 | 2020-11-04 14:06:08

How I get a lost number to unlock Yahoo account?

If you lost your mobile number, then you need to enter your recovery mail to unlock Yahoo account in an innate way. Once you hit on the forget password tab after entering the email address then it asks you to select anyone to get a verification code. So, select an alternate email address to get it. 

  unlock Yahoo account
Schaden  2021-01-19 14:09:04 
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Thanks for the update and quick reply. I'll be sure to keep an eye on this thread. Looking for the same issue. Bumped into your thread. Thanks for creating it. Looking forward for solution.
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Phillips  2021-02-26 18:26:41 
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Thanks for the post
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