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Super Mario Maker 2, last updated for free today 덧글 8 | 조회 1,218 | 2020-04-23 18:49:13

Super Mario Maker 2 is one of the highlights of the Nintendo Switch game that has been released since 2019, with the game allowing players to create their own levels. And uploading for people all around the world to play together Combined with the features of the games from various regions It allows you to endlessly enjoy hundreds of millions of Mario adventures in the world.

But then Nintendo has announced that the game will now have a final free update called World Maker that will add new features and systems, which all players can update to play immediately from today. Go to World Maker with mushrooms from Super Mario Bros.2. When collecting these mushrooms, Mario will not just get bigger. But still able to lift things To throw out Including being able to ride animals or rockets to jump to the other side Another feature that follows is Frog Suit that allows you to swim quickly or can run on water, including the Powe Ballon and Suprt Acorn which will help you enjoy more gliding.pgslot

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